Answers to Some Commonly Asked Questions About GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

GPS car tracking systems offer the perfect solution to employers who want to allow workers to use company vehicles without placing their fleets at unnecessary risk. They work by using a GPS system such as LiveViewGPS Car Tracker in conjunction with an internet-ready computer to allow managers to view where their company cars are at all times and to ensure they are being used for valid work purposes. Those who are on the fence about using GPS tracking systems may want to read on to find out some answers to a few frequently asked questions below.

What is a Real-Time GPS Tracking System?

Real-time tracking systems are much more accurate than passive GPS tracking systems, as they update vehicle location information much more frequently. This allows employers to log into their reporting systems and view their vehicles’ actual locations with as little as five seconds of lag. Passive tracking systems, on the other hand, keep track of stored vehicle location information and allow it to be viewed only after the vehicle has been returned to its base location.

How are They Used?

GPS tracking systems make use of extremely advanced technologies, but they are surprisingly easy to use. After all, these systems have been designed with usability in mind, featuring plug and play installation and an intuitive user interface. Plus, they can be accessed from just about any computer providing it has access to the internet.

Are There Benefits Over Cell Phone Tracking?

The simple answer is yes, there are. Cell phones can be turned off and can be accidentally left places, so while it’s possible to track cell phones, the information obtained simply won’t be as accurate. Plus, GPS systems for vehicles are designed to work all the time, while cell phone GPS systems will drain the devices’ batteries if they are left on constantly.

Do They Benefit Drivers?

Many GPS tracking systems feature benefits like onboard navigation, allowing them to help drivers as well as dispatchers. Plus, company drivers who know they are being held accountable for what they’re doing with fleet vehicles are more likely to perform better, so installing live GPS tracking systems can actually benefit worker productivity as well.